Easy Vegan Recipes

Looking for some really delicious, ready in no time, easy vegan recipes?

You are? Great.... I've got just what you need. Welcome to my humble kitchen where you will learn to cook up some taste dishes, make the most exotic smoothies and learn to truly savour the healing goodness of wholesome plant foods.

About these easy vegan recipes.

These recipes, whether for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, are specifically made for people who want to enjoy mouth-watering meals all while staying in good health. As a result of that, all of these satisfying meals ,that you'll soon come to love, are made with only whole-some, unprocessed foods... just the way nature intended it to be. And you can expect a bit of Caribbean flavour straight from the land of reggae itself (Jamaica) as well.

Breakfast recipes

Breakfast is the meal to kick start the day and get you ready for your daily adventures. If you're like me, those adventures begin early in the morning when you really don't want to get up (setting your phone to alarm after an extra five minutes). But don't worry, you can have that extra five minutes because it only takes a few moments to put together these easy vegan recipes. Pancakes, waffles, French toast? No, problem. Just check out our breakfast menu here.....


Vegan smoothies are great for getting the nutrients straight to your cell. This helps to lessen the stress your body has to go through to break down large, complex molecules. This may provide you with a new, refreshing view on what it means to feel and look healthy. Speaking of refreshing, take a sip of this refreshing water melon smoothie, it's a good example of how quick and easy it is to prepare and enjoy these smoothies....

Lunch And Dinner

We've got to refill our energy tanks during the day, especially if we have had a hectic time at work, school or just laying around in bed right? Okay maybe I'm the only one who gets tired after laying down (laughs). But I'm not not the only one who'll have to admit that these lunch ideas are really good. You know who else will? Yeah that's right, you. I'm not joking, taste for yourself here.

After a long day out who really have time to stand around in kitchen for hours preparing dinner? I know you don't so don't strain yourself. Prepare a scrumptious meal for you and yours in a jiffy then take the rest of the day off. Try these vegan dinner recipes.

Note: Stay tuned as we add new recipe categories to this page regularly, I know you can't wait to taste what we have cooking next :-)...

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