Why go vegan?

Why go vegan in this day and age? Isn't there a billion other, more important things to deal with first? What about climate change, racism, politics and corruption, what about poverty and fixing our economy? Aren't all of these more pressing concerns? And what about this vegan lifestyle? Isn't it just for animal advocates, extremists and goody goody two shoes people? I mean we have free-range, hormone-free, and grass-fed animal industries now right? So what's all the fuss about?

It's good if you're asking yourself these questions. Maybe you have heard a vegan speaking on this topic before or maybe you have come to realize that animals all deserve to be treated better. But maybe you are also stuck thinking you can't give up the comforts of you favourite meals, your comfy fur sweater or maybe you just dread not fitting in with your folks at dinner time. Or maybe you are just flat out against veganism (hopefully not).

No matter what your reasons are to contemplate the question "why go vegan?" you are on the right track and just a step closer to making the change. Hey don't fret, it's a good thing. It's great that you're here too because we're just about to answer your most pressing concerns and questions. Actually, going green is the answer to all your questions. Here's why you should go vegan:

Why go vegan-Reason #1: For yourself

It's no secret that humans have no biological need to consume animals, dairy, eggs or honey in order to be happy and healthy. Actually, when you think about it, it's kinda hard to be happy and be sick at the same time. I mean, animal products are loaded with unhealthy fats and bad cholesterol that only cause harm to your body. Animal proteins are extremely acidic and your body just wasn't made to deal with that. It should come as no surprise that many lifestyle illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and obesity are all directly related (caused by) the consumption of our fellow earthlings.

Don't just take it from me though. The Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics along with many other agencies agree that vegans are less likely to develop heart diseases, cancers, diabetics, and high blood pressure, than meat eating folks. In fact, there is not one illness a person can't find relief from just by switching to a plant-based.

But hey, there's more good news. Yes, you can still enjoy the taste of meats (vegan meats), snacks, and all of your favourite deserts like ice cream. Trying new vegan recipes and meals everyday will probably be the tastiest, healthiest and most rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself. So why go vegan? Because you love yourself :-) !!!

Reason #2: Go vegan for the people

They say food is limited but that's not true, we have more than enough to feed everyone. Currently we produce enough crops to feed everyone on earth but over 75% of this is fed to animals in the animal agriculture industry. It is estimated that 1.2 billion people still live in extreme poverty — on less than $1.25 per day. And 2.6 million of our children die from hunger related-causes each year. Why go vegan? Because it's the simplest solution and the greatest step anyone can take to change this situation is to adapt a plant based life style. Force those wasting our natural resources for profit out of business and in the end all of the food we produce can be used for what it is meant-to feed humans.

Reason #3: For our environment

Did you know that it takes about 1800 gallons of water to make a single pound of steak? That's really a lot of water. Here's a good one I'm sure you already know : what's one of the largest contributor to green house gas emissions on Earth? Yup, you guessed it, methane from farm animals. And that's just the tip of a melting iceberg (thanks to methane emissions). We are clearing such vast areas of lands, just to support animal exploitation, that our rain forests are disappearing at an alarming rate and at the same time we are destroying 100s of species and ecosystems daily.

Why go vegan? Because mother nature can't take the weight of our populations no more and pretty soon we won't be able to live here any longer. But we all have a choice everyday to continue supporting businesses that's destroying our home, the only one we have, or we can make earth friendly choices by becoming a vegan. By becoming a vegan you directly reduce the demand for meat causing less land to be cleared for raising animals. And you also help to save water and reduce methane emissions.

Reason #4: Better quality foods

This ties in with eating like you care and being good to yourself. Have you ever wondered what's in you meats? Sure, after all the seasoning and cooking, they can have a semi-decent taste but you aren't being told the whole story. For example, many farm animals such as pigs and chickens are fed growth hormones and a host of other junk. The result is that these animals, the pockets of animal farmers and the pockets of your doctors gets really fat pretty fast. And at the same time, you become exposed to all kinds of chemicals that are surely not good for your health. Some people even inject the animals with artificial nutrients such as B-12 just to convince you that it's good for you. Speaking of cows, your milk probably contains a mixture of blood, puss, mucus and infections.

It's clear that this is really gross and you shouldn't be settling for these low quality contaminated junk. Instead, you should opt for nutritious, organic vegan foods. They are really good for you, tastes much better and will cut your medical bills in half in the long run. Why go vegan? For the high food obviously.

Reason #5: For the animals!!

This is the single most important reason and thus, I saved it for last. All animals want to live a life free of pain and suffering and all animals deserve just that. Chickens, cows, cats, pigs, fishes and turkeys are really cool and will fill your hearts with happiness if you took the time to know them. Straight up, animals are not food, there is no such thing as food animals. Why? Because food doesn’t cry nor feel pain, food doesn't have babies they care about, foods don't bleed and foods don't have wants and desires that you and I do. But animals do feel pain, they do have families they care for, they do bleed and desire to be happy just as much as you and I.

To top it off, I know you don't want anyone to suffer and die because of you, that's not why you eat/wear/use these stuff. I know you really want to be happy and live in a world where everyone else is also happy, that's why you came to this page. This is why it will be easy for you to go vegan. It doesn't matter the route you take, you can just start with meatless Mondays or go green over night like I did. And the time you are a full fledge vegan you will be saving an animal at each meal (or 100 cows if you would normally have beef burgers) and over 200 yearly.

And don't think you can't make a difference because 400million less animals were killed in 2014 because people like you and I stopped eating them, wearing their skins and stood up for justice. This is the best answer to the question "why go vegan", if you won't do it for yourself, your habitat, or the people around you, do it for the animals, those who are most affected by our activities. One love!!

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