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Hey vegans, a warm, tropical welcome to you. There's nothing more blissful, nothing more rewarding than allowing the fire of compassion to burn in our hearts.

I've sliced up specific aspect of living green lifestyle into bite size pieces just for you. So pick an article that interests you and enjoy reading as you nourish your minds and bodies. Here's a list of intellectual delectables to choose from:

Basic definitions- Here I define and explain the basic concepts of veganism and   I talk a bit about our ethics and the types of foods we eat.

Types of vegans-You'd be pleasantly surprised to know how many types there. Take A look at the most popular and easily identifiable groups and learn which category you fall under (or would like to).

Reasons To go green-There are so many reasons to choose compassion over killing, here are some of the most ethical and simple to understand ones.

How to go green- Making any lifestyle change can be a constant struggle for anyone, luckily for you these simple, tried and proven tips will make your journey feel like a stroll on the beach.

Popular Diet Myths-Many people are deterred from choosing a plant-based diet because some of these popular myths. Let's tackle them together as we make an effort to make conscious choices.

What is protein- Learn about the true nature of protein and some greet sources of this nutrient today.

B-12 supplementation at all necessary? Of course not, here's what they don't want us to know.

Raising Kids- Follow these simple tips and you'll be the the coolest parent ever.

Vegans vs Vegetarian- which one are you, which side are you on? Haven't made up your mind as yet or just not sure what's the difference between the two?

Other Resources


Loving It raw- This is a great webiste for raw foodies all across the globe. Simply lovely. If you are trying to get to the bottom of the most perplexing animal issues then this is the place to go. Gary Yourosfky sheds light on every dark corner of human treatment of animals in a straight forward,logical, blunt and passionate tone.

Youtube Links

Bite size- This is a really good place to gather some great information to help you along your journey. The best part is just how much fun this channel is.

Thank you

Hey, before you go I just want to was a big thank you for visiting and for choosing to live green. I hope the resources in this section have been useful for you and have helped you to make life a bit easier.

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