Colourful Vegan Dinner Recipes

Try some of my favourite vegan dinner recipes.

I know that by the time we get home from work, school or some other place we are often too exhausted to to get anything done in the kitchen. It's even a bit more awkward if you are newly vegan. Luckily for you I want to help ease that pressure, so go ahead try these easy vegan recipes:

So what makes these recipes so good? It's no secret really, just natural, fresh spices and herbs. I'm talking about stuff like hot chilli peppers, sweet peppers, thyme, escallion, onions, pickles and garlic. I really like the flavour these ingredients give off, and when it's really good you my neighbours has no choice but to stop by. And the best part is how eye catching your meals will look thanks to these seasonings.

Sound delicious huh? Yeah, that's right on the mark. You're about learn to make some of the most delicious dishes anywhere around town. And of course, like with all other vegan recipes on this website, all these meals are made with whole plants and I can't encourage you enough to buy organic. Okay now that we have that all down, let's go..

Vegan Dinner Recipes

Vegan Fried Rice- I love simple recipes like this vegan fried rice. It's amazingly good, only use the freshest ingredients and can be ready in 30 minutes flat. You have just got to try this tasty recipe.

Ital Stew- It's time to have some mouth-watering ital stew. Savour this unique tropical blend of creativity and flavour.

Vegetable Stew- This vegetable stew really packs the punch. It combines a wide range of food groups (all of them) into a delightful green and orange satisfaction.

Red Peas Soup- Red peas soup is one of my favourite vegan soup recipes. It has been apart of my family for years. It tastes so good and I just can't wait for you to try it. My grandma used to make red peas soup for me and my older sister all the time, those were the days. You and your family will find it irresistibly delicious.

Vegan Tomato Soup- This vegan tomato soup is nutrient dense and may be just what you need to take on the upcoming cold season.

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