How to Go Vegan

Go vegan, it's easy as 1,2,3 . You can even do it over night just like I did. Yeah, it's true, I went from shuffling down meat in abundance one day to eating only vegan foods the next and from ever since. And guess what's the weird part I didn't even know that there was such a word as vegan back then!!!

I really had  no thought-out reasons to change, I wasn't contemplating the matter before hand, and I surly never had a dandy website to help me along the way, I just did not enjoy my meal that day. I guess it was faith. I actually thought of myself as a vegetarian for a few months after that without even knowing I was a vegan.

So take it from me, you have it easy :-). These tips were tailor-made to help you go vegan and stick with it. Ready? Have a bite.

First thing to do.

If you don't already have a few billion reasons to go green you can find a few here. Having a clear understanding of why you are choosing to make any decision in life will only help you to stay motivated and to stick with it. Just keep reminding yourself that you will be making a positive impact of human and animal life as well as the environment. Stay positive, energetic and focus on your goals.

Next!! Go Vegan.

With your goals in mind it will be easier to go vegan now. Let's start with what to eat. Of course we are going to cut out all of the meat, eggs, dairy and honey right away, but the focus shouldn't be so much on what you're cutting out but on the value you are putting into your life.

Pick out all your favourite vegan foods, plant-based stuff you already eat and enjoy- your fruits, veggies,  snacks and stuff like that. By choosing things you already like and are already used to you won't even miss the things you just omitted. You will be comfortable and quite happy eating foods you already love.

Don't think that's going to be enough though, the average diet usually never ever has enough fruits and vegetables in it. So, it's time to go shopping. You'll find a wide variety of fresh produce at a 'farmers market' near you at really great prices. It's good to support local farmer's markets. You'll find a great list of vegan products in super markets nation wide as well, you might even be able to find vegan versions of things you already love such as cheese, milk and meaty stuff. It's always best to get fresh produce though. Your basket should be very colour full when your ready to cash out-ensure you have lots of leafy greens. Try new foods, treat yourself to new varieties of colours, flavours and excitement- this is important- never stop trying new things.

Got that. Great, you're all ready to go shopping now (I can't wait to see what you get).

After all that shopping, it's time for some cooking and dancing, well I'll dance-you  cook. Preparing you're own meals is one of the most fun parts of going vegan, hence why I said dancing. You don't even have to be a big chef to do this, I couldn't make anything other than tea when I began. There's no magic tip for cooking at home, you just have to get creative and willing to experiment. You'll probably be whipping up some cool one pot meals that no one else gets or you may even come up with a few famous vegan recipes. Here's a few tips to get the pot bubbling:

  • Use natural seasoning like onions, peppers, thyme, escallion and garlic to bring your creation to life.
  • Use foods of various colours to make you're meal appealing to the eye. Everyone likes colours.
  • Experiment.. Whenever you think - " Hmm,that might work"- try it, learn as you go.
  • Ask for help when you need it. Someone else might know a few good ingredients you could, add to a meal to spice it up or help improve your grocery list.
  • Smoothies are great in the mornings, easy to make and oh so delicious. "Mix" things up-grapes and bananas with soy milk today, a green smoothie tomorrow.
  • At the end of the day, food should be had with family and friends so invite yours to eat with you. Let them try your food, collect feedback and inspiration for new ideas.

If you really want to be a boss in the kitchen try these simple vegan recipes and grab one of these cook books- if you're interested in getting things ready in a jiffy try Quick Fix Vegan or for something more in depth try Oh She Glows Cookbook.

Eating out

I know, I know, you're not going to stay locked in doors all day and I don't want you to think that if you go vegan eating out will become a pain cause that's just not true.

There are so many vegan restaurants around no that finding one won't be a problem. But if you're ever unlucky enough to end up at a meat eating spot because of family or friends just let the waiter know what you want - even in a steak house there has to be something vegan on the menu- if not, you can have them make a vegan meal just for you. I must warn you though, just because they say it's vegan it doesn't mean it is. Be sure you know what you're getting, ask questions, and if you're not satisfied don't eat. Just sitting there while everyone else is eating, awfully uncomfortable right? Don't allow yourself to go though that, ensure that whoever you are out with gets it through their head that you are a vegan before heading out. When they see that you can't eat at a certain place they will be happy to find somewhere else to eat, if not, you need some cooler people to hang with.

Eating at a friend's house is easier, and way more fun. Just check in early to find out what's on the menu. Make a few suggestion here and there or just offer to help with the cooking at their place. You can even skip that part and just take your own food, yeah take your own.

Hmmm, am I forgetting something? Oh, that's right B-12.

 Vegan B-12

Vitamin B-12 is the most talked about vitamin in vegan circles, probably because it's not found in plants (plants have no need for it). If you don't get enough of this controversial vitamin your health can go right down hill. You can try B-12 supplements for about 10 bucks a year or eat fortified foods containing B-12. But of course, humans have no biological need for man made products. B-12 is actually made in our bodies ,found naturally in soil, rivers and streams. To find out more about B-12, check out my girl Emily in this video.

Get your knowledge up

You have to be in the know when you decide to go vegan, it's a life long journey after all. People are going be coming up to you saying some of the weirdest things you'll ever hear. And you might find it increasingly frustrating talking to a non-vegan about food, clothing and cosmetics (maybe religion too). You might have many misconceptions about veganism yourself so it's best to get the facts straight. Making decisions as you go along will be so much easier when your informed.

Buy a book, surf through this and other websites, talk to other people, join social media groups with vegan interests and if you really , I mean really want to be in the know, then dedicate a portion of each day to thinking. Use this time to ask yourself the hard questions and really develop a sense of reasoning. Once you allow logics to fall in place you'll eventually come to the same conclusions as you would from reading tonnes of research paper on the same topic. Common sense rules when you are a vegan.

So basically...

  • Remember why: never forget your reasons to go vegan, they are your source of motivation.
  • Choose foods you love : Focus less on the things you're cutting out and more on enjoying what you already love.
  • Add variety: Spice up your life with an array or colourful,flavourful vegan foods. Don't stick to the same old things.
  • Do some home cooking: Own your skills in the kitchen,a home cooked meal always warms the heart.
  • When eating out: ask for what you want and ensure you're get what you asked for.
  • Stay healthy: ensure you get all the nutrients you need, especially B-12.
  • Get educated: learn as you go, it's all about learning man.

That's it guys, all you need to know to go vegan. If I may offer some last bite size bits of advice, don’t let misunderstanding family members, peers or loved ones discourage you and don't waste too much time on them either, their the toughest crowds to deal with. If you every slip up, maybe eat something that's not vegan, don't let it keep you down or change your mind, brush yourself off and remind yourself of your reason to go vegan in the first place.

It gets easier. In just a few weeks, all of this will be come second nature to you. You will be so shocked when you realize how dull your life was before.

That's it guys, spread some love and go vegan.

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