So Just What IS Protein?

"What is protein?" I often ask people who tell me vegans can't get enough protein that question. Ironically enough, most people have no idea what it is. So I thought a proper definition was in order.

Protein: A complex biological compound made up of simpler parts called amino acids.

But what are amino acids? Well these are smaller nitrogenous molecules. If you are still confused about what protein is I don't blame you, I mean what is a molecule and when exactly is nitrogen? It seems to me you'll need a degree in Chemistry to have any sense of what any of these things are.

So then look at it this way, protein is a substance that is required for life to be created. Why? That's a good question. See protein is used to build DNA (your genetic stuff), so basically without protein there can be no DNA, no life. Funny enough though, DNA is used to build proteins, so, exactly which came first? Lol.

What I want you to take away from all that is that wherever there is life there is protein.

The vegan protein saga.

Most people, vegans and non-vegans alike (mostly non-vegans hehe) don't understand what is protein. Everyone living on a vegan diet has been or will be told how hard it will be to get protein unless they consume animal products. On the other hand, non-vegana make up the excuse that they won't get enough protein by eating plants and they will end up skinny or something like that. so let's clear this up.

The only way to not get protein.

The only way to not get enough of this essential nutrient is to not eat!! As stated above, wherever there is DNA you'll find protein. DNA is found in every living cell, every single one. So you can see that unless you are eating cardboards and plastic you are bound to be getting some protein daily.

Not enough protein from a plant based diet.

This idea really puzzles me because every single one of the 20 amino acids we need to make proteins are found in plants.  On top of that, the human body makes 11 of the 20 amino acids they need. So I am totally bewildered whenever I hear someone saying "You/I CAN'T GET ENOUGH PROTEIN BY EATING PLANTS". I think what they really mean is that plants don't have as much protein as animals.

That last statement is indeed true but that doesn't mean we can't get enough from plants. In fact, just what exactly is enough? Of course, depending on age and physical activity levels, the required amount of protein will vary from person to person. To find out just how much protein you need daily multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.8. That is, if your weight is 100kg, you will need 80 grams of protein daily. And it's really easy to meet your needs on a plant based diet even just be eating fruits. Hey, did you know that meat-eaters consume about twice the amount of protein they need every day? Well now you do.

Let's put this absurd idea that plants are an insufficient source of protein to rest now. By the way, Kwashiorkor is the name of the disease that results from a deficiency in protein. There has never been a single vegan that has suffered from this illness, if you know any, please be sure to point that out to me.

So what's wrong with animal protein?

What's wrong with getting your protein from animals? Everything, that's what's wrong. Firstly you don't need it, you are a herbivore and was meant to get your protein from plants only. As we look around the world we see so many cases of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis and we wonder why. "Why?" we ask even though we know that all of these illness are are linked to consuming animal flesh and animal protein. If you ask me, these illnesses are punishments for eating what was never meant to be eaten, a punishment to guide us back to our natural path.

Secondly, the immense cruelty that must be done to animals to obtain animal protein can not and should never  be seen as anything other than wrong. No one needs to suffer just for some protein. We as humans were not meant to cause harm. I honestly feel that we are here only to take care of the earth and all life on it so that everything can flourish. However, we are doing the exact opposite, we take what we don't need and animals suffer to feed our greed. We must stop this madness and go back to our natural self.

Our natural self: a plant eating, animal loving, peacefully compassionate race.

Best sources of protein

When you are hunting for your protein be sure to look no further than the plant kingdom for your fill.

Beans are an exceptional source of this nutrient. Beans like peanuts (yes it's a bean, not a nut) contains over 25% protein and mature soya beans have nearly 40% protein. Other soya products like tofu (love this) and soya milk are good sources of protein as well. Other beans such as lentils, kidney beans(red peas), broad beans,pinto beans and black beans are all great sources of protein. Avoid that peanut butter junk though, it has just too much fat and salt-that ain't good.

Seeds and nuts are filled with proteins, on top of that, they tastes so good. Cashew, almond, walnut and pecan nuts all have a high protein content as does sunflower, pumpkin,flax and hemp seeds. All hemp products are filled with protein, plus hemp has unique medicinal and structural properties that will truly enhance your whole well-being.

Whole grains. Try some of these guys to get some high quality protein: whole wheat and wheat bran, oats and oat bran, barley and brown rice. 

Vegetables. Who would have thought that veggies such as asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and avocado, are such good sources of protein?

Other sources: Vegan meats are also a good source for your protein needs. Mankind as also taken it up on themselves to make a bunch of protein products such as vegan protein powders and supplements but if I were you I would stick to what the earth provides. I don't think these so called ''scientist'' truly know what is protein.

Now you know what is protein, so what next?

What's next? That's simple, use the knowledge you acquired and pass it on. Teach others what is protein, what's wrong with animal protein and teach them of the best sources of proteins. And as always remember that your dietary choice affects not only you, but the entire world. One love.

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